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An 8-module interactive program, designed to strengthen your startup culture and team performance through proven tools and techniques.


Module 1: Welcome to  PERFORM

Learn the benefits of the PERFORM framework and how to utilize this course to help you succeed.

Module 2: Purpose & Values

Learn the power of purpose, vision, and value and how to apply these to help strengthen your company’s culture.

Module 3: Effective Planning

Learn the importance of effective planning and how to apply the PERFORM planning to achieve your long term goals.

Module 4: Roles & Responsibilities

Learn about the importance of roles, responsibilities, and how to redefine them to align them.

Module 5: Focus & Execution

Learn to enhance your productivity by adopting good habits that increase your level of focus and execution.

Module 6: Optimal Energy

Learn strategies for maximizing your energy and productivity using the ENERGY framework.

Module 7: Robust Communication

Learn the importance of communication and ways to boost it,
as well as proven strategies to deliver feedback to your team.

Module 8: Mental Toughness

Learn the significance of mental toughness and stress management to help you and your team succeed.


  • Startup founders

  • Those working in a startup 

  • Innovators

  • Future entrepreneurs

  • Leaders and managers

By choosing PERFORM Academy’s 8 Week program, you get:

  • 8 modules of video content and examples from successful European startups 


  • 7 supplemental podcasts from founders who PERFORM 


  • 7 customized worksheets and templates to help develop yourself and your company 


  • 1 PERFORM certificate upon successful completion of the course 


  • Access to a network of entrepreneurs and thought leaders in New Europe!


Why Choose PERFORM Academy?

  • Equip yourself with hands-on tools and techniques to create a strong company culture

  • Learn the strategies the most successful founders of NewEurope use


  • Become a part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs


  • Amplify your leadership skills

  • Boost your personal and team productivity

  • Align on the team purpose & values

  • Form habits that support your mental state and wellbeing



Cristobal Alonso

Cristobal is an experienced serial entrepreneur (3x CEO), serial early-stage investor (150+ investments), and global executive (leading teams and projects up to 500 people). Cristobal leads as CEO , “el Patron” of Startup Wise Guys. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and is serving as Spain's INSEAD Alumni Association President and President of INSEAD Global Entrepreneurship Club.


Stoyan Yankov

Stoyan is an entrepreneur, productivity & performance coach and a global keynote speaker, who personally coached over 200 teams in 25+ countries to create more productive and mindful team cultures by applying the PERFORM Methodology. Stoyan is also the host of the podcast Productivity Mastery and a managing partner at Samodiva Masterminds. 


“As an entrepreneur and a startup founder, it was groundbreaking and couldn’t have been more convenient for me to join the academy at this early stage of my business. It was priceless to dive deep into all the groundwork necessary for starting a new business - the values, the culture, the mission.

Stoimen Dimitrov

Vfx Supervisor and Head of operations at Flimr Ltd. Bulgaria

PERFORM Academy is the place where I had the chance to learn really practical insights that help me in my professional and even in my personal life. Another amazing advantage of this program is the network itself. You meet and grow together with amazing like minded professionals from all around the world.

Eli Draganova

Business Development Manager

I believe that PERFORM Academy can help you to be more productive, more focused and ultimately more satisfied with life.

I warn you it’s not for everyone. If you are not ready to make an effort to get what you want - you will not see much value in the program, because it is interactive and not passive.

Veselin Tonov 

Founder & CEO at Video Fabrika

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